New home Novicell

New home Novicell

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We are pleased to announce that LECOATI has been acquired by Novicell, a Danish Digital Consultancy Company.

We knew each other long time ago, and during three years of relationship with Novicell we had the opportunity to share both our way of understanding technology, business, customers, team, proud, respect and responsibility. It turned out that we were already part of the same thing. Today we just signed some papers.

Dear client,
All this time working together we put all our knowledge, effort and passion to help you achieving your goals, we are sure you know that and you can also be sure that none of that will change. Today, as Novicell, among the services we already provide in technology, we'll be able to help you in your digital journey with Strategy, Online Marketing, Digital Design and Enterprise level Web Hosting.
We also want to thank you. Today we are here because of you, we grew together and and we want now to bring you even further, because you deserve it and because we can.

Dear friend, dear family,
Thank you for being there all this time. Hard to tell in your own adventure if you are hero or zero, it can be a painful struggle, but you managed to put some light in all those cloudy days with a beer, a joke, a smile, a hug, a shoulder and some crazy nights. Those beers are still needed. And yes, of course, we need to celebrate.

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